Our first successful project.

ZOMBIE 2K18 attracts you to one of the most terrible and exciting 3D games.
• Available for: Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch •

Electronic Apps - this is a series of games on the blockchain, where a decentralized streaming gaming platform is used for gamers, streamers and spectators.
The gaming platform will provide an opportunity: streaming your game, participating in tournaments, being just a spectator.

The goal of our games is to create an ecosystem in which every participant, including spectator, streamer and tournament organizer, is part of a huge interactive system.
Everyone can be part of a peer-to-peer interaction, and everyone, even the audience, can earn tokens.



We will use blocking technology to record the results of the fights of the players. The results of the games with the rates in EAGAMES tokens (EA), as well as the sums of transfers of EAGAMES (EA) tokens from the loser to the winner, are entered in the distributed block list based on Ethereum. To make a correct entry to the block and store the result on the server, the data of all three parties must match. If the data received from one of the parties is different, then this indicates an error that automatically triggers the internal investigation system.



It is very important that some of our projects are not at the stage of the concept / idea, but already in the work. We have very ambitious plans and interesting ideas for the future.

For you, we introduce EAGAMES (EA) tokens, which, through a smart contract, guarantee that you own tokens and resell them on the exchange.



Available for: Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

Welcome to the world of Zombie

ZOMBIE 2018 draws you into one of the most frightening and gripping 3D gaming.
Welcome to the world of Zombie where a great survival adventure awaits you!
And that's just the beginning - heaps of planned updates will keep ZOMBIE 2018 fresh, fun, and challenging for many months to come. Now it's time Zombie.